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Tesla Investor Day 2023: Silver lining or black cloud?

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Activity Description

Electric vehicle maker Tesla hosted a 2023 Investor Day presentation in Austin, Texas. Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented his "Master Plan 3" for the company at this event and discussed how Tesla plans to scale up in the face of increasing competition.
Q:  1) How will Master Plan 3 affect Tesla's share price in the long term?
    2) Do you think it's a good time to buy, sell or sit tight on TSLA?

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Mar 2, 2023 ET – Mar 9, 2023 ET
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Tesla Investor Day - Into the Future?

Tesla held its investor day on 1st March, and Elon Musk’s master plan is to save the Earth? Well, lots of things were covered during the presentation. Despite all the exciting stuff that were presented, Tesla saw its stock plummeted right after the event, as well as the next day.
In this video, I summarized some of the key points of the event, and also provided a quick technical analysis of the stock. Watch on to find out more!

ColumnTesla Investor Day Overview

The Investor Day has three main parts:
1) At a macro level, how can the planet be transformed into sustainable energy production and use?
2) Tesla's contribution to the world, the report by the functional department;
3) Discuss what this all means for Tesla as a whole.
Core points
1. Musk's "Master Plan": energy storage 240TWH, renewable electricity 30TWH, manufacturing investment 10 trillion US dollars, energy requirements are less than half of the fuel economy.
2. Pr...

Why Tesla Stock Jumped Tuesday

-Cathie Wood bought the dip in Tesla shares yesterday.
-Tesla CEO Elon Musk denied reports that the company no longer is supplied by China's BYD.
-The battery-supply agreement exists even as both companies compete in China.
Tesla still needs batteries from BYD.
Tesla shares rose over 5% in Tuesday trading and held onto a gain of 3.6% as of 3:40 p.m. ET.
Cathie Wood added new Tesla shares to her family of ARK Invest mutual funds. Tesla stock ended the day slightly h...
Why Tesla Stock Jumped Tuesday
for sure tesla is a good buy considering the growth potential and master plan that elon musk has put in place.2023 will definitely be  a good year for tesla. with the correction in tesla share price, now is a good time to buy. go tesla go
definitly will be a good year, elon has great mind and plan for the company and i believe tesla will be on strong growth in 2023. buy and hold to win

STOCK MARKET LIVE: Why The Market Is Down Today & Why A Stock Market Crash & Recession DON'T MATTER Live Today 3/8 @ 4pm ET on YouTube

STOCK MARKET LIVE: Why The Market Is Down Today & Why A Stock Market Crash & Recession DON'T MATTER! Another red day in the markets is bringing even more fear of a #stockmarketcrash in 2023. There are even more fears of a #recession incoming…But what if we told you they DON’T MATTER!
Jerome Powell’s testimony and Q&A brought even more volatility to the stock mark...

Verizon CFO optimistic about consumer point of view

On the consumer side of the business, Verizon is starting to see gross subscriber addition volumes coming back, with momentum gaining at the same time the company took some price increases, he noted.
Speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, Verizon CFO Matt Ellis said there's a long way to go in 2023, but that the start of the year has been "largely in line with how we expected," so the story is "building on the momentum that we had in ...
Verizon CFO optimistic about consumer point of view
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