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Do you still have faith in digital currency?

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Topic by @Triston Chua
Cathie Wood, the Founder and CEO of Ark Invest, continues to be bullish on Coinbase, which is a loss-making company thar has missed analyst estimate, undergoes retrenchment as cost cutting initiative due to crypto market headwinds. Did anyone owned crypto, and are you still confident in this digital currency, given both metaverse & coinbase were still very vague & abstract at this moment?
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Time: By Feb. 28, 2023 (ET)
Source: CoinDesk

I kept BTC and ETH under my pillow

Do you still have faith in digital currency?
Without a trusted cryptocurrency exchange (after exchangers collapsed one after another), it'll be difficult to regain confidence/faith in digital currency. The analogy will be like if retail investors have lost confidence in the bank or currency exchanger, money will be worthless. Where and how do we keep stablecoin and trade in cryptocurrency?
Regulated vs Decentralized
Someone suggested crypto should be regulated ...
I kept BTC and ETH under my pillow

Cryptocurrency and The value of the Dollar . U.S. economy going to lost the lead in having a dominant worldwide currency benefactor

The world is in a frenzy, its halpening sooner than big banks expected. If cryptocurrencies have dominated the worldwide structure on how any average person can interact woth money with no more banks. They are scaring everyone dont lost focus . Of course they finding all these inconsistencies an are trying to ruin all the millionaire that benefits from crypto because...

All eyes are on the FOMC meeting and the US markets

It remains to be seen what shape that “weakness” in macro markets will take. The upcoming week has fewer possible macro triggers than the previous one, with a smattering of US data releases, including personal expenditure in the form of the Personal Consumption Expenditures Index (PCE).
However, the release of the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in February is the event on most crypto analysts’ radar. This is where ...
All eyes are on the FOMC meeting and the US markets
All eyes are on the FOMC meeting and the US markets

Lacking Regulation to Protect Crypto Investors

The outlook for cryptocurrency looks bleak. Lack of regulation in the field could see cryptocurrencies restage the Great Financial Crisis. After the FTX collapse incident, such severe relative lack of regulation risk is put under spotlight again. To regain investors' confidence, there ought to be sufficient evidence of financial regulators policing cryptocurrency markets by strengthening transparency, disclosure requirements and imposing hefty penal...
Lacking  Regulation to Protect Crypto Investors
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