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Disney Q1 earnings top estimates: Are you satisfied?

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The Walt Disney company reported earnings for its first quarter of 2023 ended December 31, 2022. The entertainment conglomerate beat Wall Street expectations again despite Disney+ dropping 2.4 million subscribers in a loss. The company's CEO Bob Iger claimed a 'significant transformation' underway.

▶️ Revenue was $23.51 billion (up 8%) and adjusted earnings per share was $0.99 for the Q1 quarter. That beat analyst consensus estimates of $23.37 billion and $0.78, respectively, per Refinitiv.
▶️ Disney+ lost a net 2.4 million subscribers in the reported quarter. The total number of subscribers across Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ rose 19.5% YoY to 234.7 million.
▶️ For the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution segment, the Domestic Channels revenues in this quarter decreased by 1% to $6.1 billion, and International Channels revenues decreased by 21% to $1.2 billion.
▶️ Operating losses for the direct-to-consumer streaming segment widened to $1.1 billion from $0.5 billion.
▶️ Disney Parks, Experiences and Products revenues for Q1 FY23 increased 21% to $8.7 billion, and segment operating income increased 25% to $3.1 billion.

Q: What's your opinion or analysis of the company?


I'm ok with this investment

ColumnWill Bob Iger save Disney this time? Investors are liking it so far!

Disney$Disney(DIS.US)$ , one of the worst performers in Dow Jones$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$, which was the best performing index in U.S. in 2022, just released its Q1 2023 earnings. As someone who has followed the company for a few years, I would say this earnings call was probably one of the most direct and concise ones. Bob Iger laid out a plan to turn Disney around and it's a huge one. Let's dive in!
Will Bob Iger save Disney this time? Investors are liking it so far!
Will Bob Iger save Disney this time? Investors are liking it so far!
Will Bob Iger save Disney this time? Investors are liking it so far!

Disney Beat Earnings but...

✅ Revenue +8% Y/Y to $23.5B
($0.2B beat).
✅ Non-GAAP EPS $0.99
($0.20 beat).
❌Media not profitable:
Can't imagine Disney produce so many good movies... but can't make a profit from them 😂
❌Jobs & Budget cuts:
- Firing 7,000 employees & slashing $5.5B in cost.
- Catch-22 here: they need to trim expenses. But at the same time, they can't grow if they are trimming.
❌ Dividends:
Reintroducing dividends when the business segments & cash flow are not stabilized yet seems puz...

Disney Earnings - Strong Results with More Cost Cutting Measures

Disney (DIS)$Disney(DIS.US)$ released their Q1’FY23 earnings and they managed to beat the EPS forecast by a huge margin of 25% (EPS of $0.99 versus estimated $0.79). They also managed to beat the revenue estimates by a small margin (Revenue of $23.51 bil vs $23.43 bil).
Bob Iger, CEO of Disney also announced a restructuring plan which includes laying off 7,000 employees and amassing $5.5 bil in cost savings, of which $3.0 bil wil...

ColumnIs Disney's Q1'23 Earnings Really That Great?

Entertainment giant$Disney(DIS.US)$ released its much anticipated Q1'23 results. Share prices popped after the market results.
So are their latest results really that fantastic? What made investors so excited?
Clear emphasis on the way forward
Disney's strategy is clearly highlighted within the first few pages of its earnings presentation.
1. Reorganizing leadership structure: Disney was plagued by a management mutiny during Bob Chapek's era. Now with...
Is Disney's Q1'23 Earnings Really That Great?

Disney's rally is mostly centered around cost restructuring. We would fade this rally as it approaches 125/share

Disney$Disney(DIS.US)$ recently released its quarterly earnings, which were generally positive. Despite a decline in the number of Disney+ subscribers, the direct-to-consumer business reported a narrower loss of $1.05 billion compared to the analyst estimate of $1.22 billion. The company's total earnings rose to $1.28 billion with an 8% increase in revenue to $23.51 billion.
To inc...
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