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Is it time to get back into REITs?

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Topic by @snoopy123
As the path of future interest rates has reversed course, some believe that now is the opportunity to buy the undervalued, often-forgotten investment vehicles. REITs tend to outperform when interest rates are falling, historically generating strong returns when the Fed becomes more dovish. Do you think it is time to get back into REITs? Why? Share your thoughts with us!
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Time: By Feb. 28, 2023 (ET)
Source: yahoo finance

Column【Cash Coupon at the end】Up to 6.7% dividend yield! 7 S-REITs to benefit from tourism boost

International tourist arrivals to Singapore rose in January to a new post-pandemic high, with over 930,000 visitors. The Singapore Tourism Board expects the nation to receive up to 14 million international visitors this year, more than double the 6.3 million recorded in 2022. Tourism receipts are also expected to grow from around S$14 billion in 2022 to as high as S$21 billion this year.
This may bode well ...
【Cash Coupon at the end】Up to 6.7% dividend yield! 7 S-REITs to benefit from tourism boost
【Cash Coupon at the end】Up to 6.7% dividend yield! 7 S-REITs to benefit from tourism boost

lost money on REITs..

had bought some REITs earlier with the aim of getting regular passive dividend income but when the interest rates went up, REITs prices started falling to match their higher investment risks over the T-bills and fixed deposits interest rates which had risen and my principal losses now exceeded the dividends I received and so I'm in the red sitting on paper loss..
nevertheless we see that they have started to recover slightly in the last couple of months in the possibility o...
The broad mkt is too complacent re plateauing of interest rates. Current volatility is evidence that uncertainty due to geo political tension, de globalisation and de dollarisation persists. REITs like other asset classes will not be spared from mkt turmoil. Best to stay in cash and govt securities.
REITs price will eventually rise back when the interest rate fall back at the mean time  can sit back and collect the dividend waiting for the price to rise.

REITs A Good Investment?

To me, yes. Why? Simply because REITs are structured as dividend-paying instruments.
It is a requirement for all REITs to pay out at a high amount of their earnings to enjoy tax benefits. Hence, REITs will continue to act as good dividend investments.
REITs can also grow their rental income by redevelopments and positive rental reversions., just to name a few methods.
However, it’s important to stick with the best REITs in the market to avoid disappointment. There may be ...
REITs A Good Investment?

early bird catches the worms

get in early better than late. when everyone gets in, it's already more than halfway to the top

Is now the right time?

It's been a particularly challenging year for listed real estate in 2022. It has been rapidly repriced to accommodate the new interest rate regime and the expected recession.  But now, I think we're moving into a more favorable environment for REIT investing.
While funding costs are higher and growth will slow, REITs enter the recession in a relatively strong position, driven by tight supply and subsequent healthy cash flows.
I will add REITs to diversify my portfolio, t...

REITs: Hold for long term and earn dividend 💵

I bought REIT and have been earning dividend. REIT are for stable income which is better than high interest saving deposit. Some may not agree because the value lost in the share price (book loss) may exceed the dividend you received.
I think it depends on your investment goal. If you are looking for less volatility, stable income and have the holding ability, REIT is for you. Another saying that investing in REIT is better than holding a property (ph...

For long term gain

timing the market is not always a good strategy, as more often may miss the boat..i would prefer to dollar cost average - currently it would be a time to consider DCA since it has gone down from earlier highs.
the current interest rate environmen may not favour REITS but so long as the fundamentals is good/does not change i will still hold on the the REITS i have for long term. there will definitely be some volatility in terms of the REITS prices, when it does down, i will exp...
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