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Biden signs bill to boost US chips: a boon or a bane?

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To boost competitiveness and lead the technology edge, U.S. president Biden signed a bill to provide $52.7 billion in subsidies for U.S. semiconductor production and research.
$Intel(INTC.US)$ , along with firms like $Texas Instruments(TXN.US)$ and $Micron Technology(MU.US)$ , designing and making their own chips, are expected to benefit from this act.
Which stock will be benefited the most and which stocks are you willing to hold?

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Micron Technology







AMD Q2 2022 Investment Note

AMD beat expectations on Q2 revenue whereas Q3 forecast comes in light
Claim your Earnings Season offer here by winning Rewords Points and discovering Investment Opportunities!
Key Takeaways:
Attitude: AMD's Q2 revenue grew 70% YoY to a record $6.6 billion based on the strong execution, leadership product portfolio and diversified business model. Each of AMD's segments grew much, led by Data Center and Embedded Sales. The gross margin is continuously expanded to 54%...
AMD Q2 2022 Investment Note
AMD Q2 2022 Investment Note

Chip subsidy act that's intended to cripple China's chip industry

Five Chinese state-owned giants separately announced plans to delist their American depository shares (ADS) from the New York Stock Exchange (read more), drawing widespread attention amid escalating China-US tensions and constant US crackdowns on Chinese companies, including a push to potentially delist hundreds of Chinese firms in what many call a "financial decoupling."
"Rather than exposing themselves to constantly rising poli...
Chip subsidy act that's intended to cripple China's chip industry

Chips chips chips

This is one of the good investment section for me with a new world of technology and the efficiency of timing.  it is very hard to pick any of these which are AMD, NVDA, INTEL, and so on.  I believe this section will play as one of a key section for our future world.  To do this i would invest in ETF of this sector instead.  Yes i am talking about “SOXL” microchips etf and I would hold this etf stock for a long play.  this is a combination investments of all good microchips stoc...
buying nvidia or any other chip company is for a long investemt cause the EV market is not going to boom tomorrow or next year to transition to ev cars is going to take a few years and Also, people dont buy the semiconductors anymore to mine bitcoin so there you go. I believe is a long term invesment. not for day trading the price is overvalued.
fundamentals will not be good for at least two more quarters.  Then the pipe line will start to have new chips ..then both fundamentials and technicals analysis can help with future prices
AMD and MU are good long term hold investments.  This new bill will ensure their growth.
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