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July P/L Challenge: How did you make the most of volatility?

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With geopolitical conflicts and unpredictable stock moves in July, the market remained sluggish, As the saying goes, "With great volatility comes great opportunity." Did you seize any opportunity in July? Or what lessons have you learned? Share your P/L orders and review what happened!

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Hi, mooers!
How’s everything going?Joyful
Due to geopolitical conflicts and market turmoil, July saw uncertainty in the stock market. As Q2 financial results are published successively, more risks will emerge. A volatile market is as torturous as hot summer.Toasted
However, opportunities are always accompanied by challenges. How did you protect your investments? It’s time to review your trades in July!Clap
● Which stocks did you choose in volatility?
● Why did you choose...
Join July P/L Challenge to Win Rewards
Join July P/L Challenge to Win Rewards


This is my set up today. I have had a good past few days and have really added to my value. I'm going to keep Grinding and trying my HARDEST EVERY DAY! Options is one way I use the Volatility in the market right now. They also allow me to make more money with less capital. I expect green In the Market tomorrow and Red Friday.... I DONT KNOW ITS JUST MY OPINION (and Im wrong constantly)
I have a Call on $Delta Air Lines(DAL.US)$ because they release earnings tomorrow morning. (...

Wednesday Update!

The PPI (Producer Price Index) which is a indicator or measure of the inflation that was present for September for WHOLE SALE products.
The overall PPI inflation number (YoY) is +8.5% it was Expected to be at +8.4% (YoY) and last Month (August) was at +8.7%
This means that although Inflation is slowing down little by little still, It is NOT slowing down as fast as our "EXPERTS" thought.
Tomorrow the more anticipated Reading CPI (Consumer Price In...
Wednesday Update!

Sunday Look-Out

Small Cap Stock Watch:
Friday After Market Close Runners:
$Nutex Health(NUTX.US)$
$Crown Electrokinetics(CRKN.US)$
$Asensus Surgical(ASXC.US)$
Chat Room Stocks:
$Indonesia Energy(INDO.US)$
$Laser Photonics(LASE.US)$
$Jowell Global(JWEL.US)$
$iMedia Brands(IMBI.US)$
Overall Market Outlook on Friday:
The Market was volatile and crazy Friday. The market Indicies all closed lower and the day ruined the...
Sunday Look-Out
Sunday Look-Out

Friday Perspective

The Jobs Report Came Out

The number of new jobs added to the US in september (non farm Jobs) was 263,000 jobs. This is NOT enough to make the FED piviot when the FOMC happens in early November. This was the Big data coming out this week and It did not give any hope that things are getting better. 263,000 jobs added is the LOWEST its been in 17 months and thin...
Friday Perspective
Friday Perspective
Friday Perspective

American Virtual AVCT

American Virtual Is a Tech Company and has been a major small cap runner for at least a month now....
It has lost 26% today and is currently sitting on its very strong support at around $2.25 per share.
Low Shares Float: 6.23 Mil
Good Volume Relative: 7.28 Mil
Short Intyerest (volume) : is Up past 16.8 Million shares Shorted
What to wtach for for its next run (In My Opinion):
I would want to see it break that 2.70 resistance and then see it start to bounce off of it (tur...
American Virtual AVCT

Monday Morning Watch

Good Morning All! Monday is here already!
What I see on the PreMarket scanner:
$Avenue Therapeutics(ATXI.US)$ 8.83%
$Senti Biosciences(SNTI.US)$ 11.52%
$AMTD Digital(HKD.US)$ 9.83%
$Wearable Devices(WLDS.US)$ 71%
$LiveWire(LVWR.US)$ 64%
A lot of these are up on News that short Interest is way up on them. so watch for sudden drops. Its all looking for a fast profit.
$Myovant Sciences(MYOV.US)$ Is up because of an rejection of acquisition offer for 2.4 Billion Dollars...

Sunday Stock Watch

There seems to me to be a new sector working its way to the top "HOT SECTOR" spot.
Lithium and Green Energy plays are taking that place, or so it seems. I have been working on finding a good mix of Options plays along with a three day trade a week strategy. I've stumbled upon some stocks I think are going to be a good heading forward.
$Snow Lake Resources(LITM.US)$ : Is a small (or micro) cap past runner (31.55 Mil...

From Equities to Options

I am practicing everyday of life to become a succeful day/swing trader so I can fund my long term investments and grow my wealth nest. I've been trading for just about a year. I am not profitable yet but recently I have strated to notice a change in my performance and overall perspective when I'm looking for plays.
I'm out of day trades for the week but the money available is burning a hole in my pocket. Deciding to just try a good swing trade just because I want to trade...


My attempt to buy the stocks hitting their highs in the Premarket with the best PR I couold find worked the past two nights in a row.... It did not work (last night- today) What sucks is I seen $Amprius Technologies(AMPX.US)$ last night and paid no attention to it because it had such low volume and the only new that it had was that It was halted (which looking back I should have thought more about that). Anyways whats commical is I bailed on the losers this morning and bought a ...
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