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[Awarded] Unlock the power of knowledge and win 1000 points

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Activity Description

Do you know how to become the "Stock Master", "Option Master", or "Fund Master" of the Moo community?

On June 3, moomoo Learn launched some new badges for you to unlock. Go update the moomoo app and be the first to own these badges. We've prepared some rewarding points for those who light up the master badges and post their comments on the badges.

Activity Description:
Each qualified participant will get 50 points as a reward. We will also select 10 winners to reward them with 1,000 points! Please continue reading to see how to win the points >>

Column[Awarded] Unlock the power of knowledge

Did you notice the dim icon in the red box below? Moomoo Learn has launched some master badges for you to light up!
We've heard mooers asking about exam-related badges. "Where are they? Can't wait to light up some!"
Now, it's coming. You can start by updating your app to the last version. After that, you can have a try! Tab to know more.
Let Me SeeLet Me SeeLet Me SeeWe'd like to know what you think of the new badges. Talk to us to win point rewards!
【1】50 points for each qu...
[Awarded] Unlock the power of knowledge
[Awarded] Unlock the power of knowledge
[Awarded] Unlock the power of knowledge

App Up-To-Date and No Access to Unlock Badges by Taking Exam

I verified my app is up-to-date in settings. Viewed all the videos for Stock master, very good and informational. Can not access exam to unlock Stock Master badge, says in Beta. Please help.
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