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Respond to volatile markets: long or short?

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For most of the past decade, investing hardly required any courage. But now, that may be becoming a thing of the past. Investors need the courage to choose, decide and act.

Facing the current volatile market, what's your choice? To long or to short? To be or not to be? Share your point of view will all investors and be rewarded.

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The big shorts are already shorting

EmmFamed investor Michael Burry on Monday revealed a short position against Tesla worth more than half a billion, in a regulatory filing.
EmmBurry, one of the first investors to call and profit from the subprime mortgage crisis, is long puts against 800,100 shares of Tesla or $534 million by the end of the first quarter, according to the filing with the U.S.
$S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$

Should you invest in Singapore or US stocks?

There is no right (or wrong) answer to that question.
Most people would agree investing is important for building wealth over time. Nowadays, investors have plenty of choices when it comes to what they can invest in.
You can diversify your portfolio since you are investing outside of Singapore.
For about US stock investment, here are some potential benifits.
US markets may present better investment opportunities
The largest, most established ...
Should you invest in Singapore or US stocks?
Should you invest in Singapore or US stocks?
Should you invest in Singapore or US stocks?

When Do I Use a Long or Short Trade?

You would go long or use a long trade on a stock that you believe or know will rise in price. A long trade to a day trader is, at most, one trading day. If you find an opportunity to enter a trade, and you know the stock price will increase (and be desirable for another trader after you buy it), you'd go long on that stock.
You would go short on a trade if you know the price was going to decline. Your broker must borrow the shares from the owner (probably anot...

Respond to volatile markets: Long or Short?

Do we really need choose between the 2 Chuckle?
For long-term holder, just hold onto ur line if u believe the bull 🐂 will come back stronger 💪. Well, it may take 1 year or so... the most 2 years...Silent
That is a cheap price to pay for it Grin. Warren Buffett said something similar, that 10 years are then considered long-term investors Trick (I thinks that what he's trying to indicate Trick?) Of course u will see ur position with lots of losses 📉 in the "maybe" coming rece...

Here’s How Long and Short-Term Bitcoin Holders Are Navigating Current Market Conditions: Glassnode.

$CI GALAXY BITCOIN ETF CAD UNHEDGED ETF UNITS(BTCX.B.CA)$ Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode is revealing how long-term and short-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders are responding differently to the current weakness in the crypto market.
Based on the realized cap HODL waves metric, which shows how holders of different age brackets of Bitcoin spend their coins, Glassnode says that long-term BTC holders are holding on tight to ...
Here’s How Long and Short-Term Bitcoin Holders Are Navigating Current Market Conditions: Glassnode.
whether buy or sell the stock... at least win money already enough...ShhhShhhPeacePeaceTwirlTwirlCheersCheers don't be so greedy subsequently become regret... hopefully everyone can earn DollarDollarStrongStrongWaddleWaddleFireworksFireworksFirecrackerFirecrackerPartyPartyPartyParty
I am not sure,  and I am hoping to learn more
Those that are green, take profit and exit with 15-20% gain.
Too volatile to see long term with unknown uncertainties 😱
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