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Earth Day: Can investing in green industries help?

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Earth Day 2022 is here with the call “Invest in Our Planet.”

In addition to embracing a green lifestyle, do you think investing in green industries also helps? If so, what are the "green" sectors/companies you'd like to add to your portfolio?

Please SHARE your ideas to inspire people to change, act, and protect our health, our families, and our lovely planet!

3000 points for the 3 excellent posts, which will be selected manually based on the post's originality and quality.
200 points for all participants who share opinions and post over 50 words.
I just wholeheartedly believe in global earm n climate change I also believe that recently mankind have been doing a terrible job of upkee0iñg what Our Almighty Creator God Himßelf gave to man to enjoy n replinish yes by the sweat n fruit of his hands so to speak I  believe that these big tech companies n industries as a whole can do a lot more in aid n assisting in the upkeep of the planet so to speak but it actually starts with the one on the mirror which is u n  me individually doing all we c...

ColumnInterview with the Dean of Valuation- Aswath Damodaran

Those who are into value investing would likely have heard of Aswath Damodaran. He is the Professor of Finance at New York University and has generously shared his lectures and valuation spreadsheets online for all to benefit from it.
In this podcast interview by We Study Billionaires- The Investor's Podcast Network on Spotify, he shared many of his thoughts on valuation and going to even philosophy of life.
Some interesting nuggets of knowle...
Interview with the Dean of Valuation- Aswath Damodaran

Risky EV company! Showing signs on weakness

$Lucid Group(LCID.US)$ is $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ direct competitor. Its risky because they still don't know how to scale up!
Risky EV company! Showing signs on weakness

Just a Greenhorn in Green Investment

Being a shareholder in a green company allows the company to use the invested capital to do more research and development to improve its greening efforts, hence, we definitely will play a role in supporting the movement in saving the world and protecting the environment.
Since it is a new theme play in SG, I will go for "green" ETF as I think it is still a long way to go before everyone in the world takes climate change seriously, unless all government leaders...

Let's do our part

Whether you call it sustainability, ESG or climate tech, there is no doubt that doing good while making money has taken the world by storm.
For investors, there are an increasing number of ways to invest your money while keeping your climate concerns in mind. And you can still make a profit doing it.
In addition to putting your money behind responsible companies and funds, there are ways you can make your voice heard by corporate decision makers.  For instance, let your concerns...

Green investing

Green investing seeks out investment opportunities that also benefit the natural environment. One major destination for green funding is renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar, and hydropower. Green transportation is another emerging technology, reducing fossil fuel consumption through electric vehicles. Our Earth would be a significantly better place if we all do our part to save it.

Invest in our planet

We must devote far more resources- financial, political, and social to create a more sustainable way of living if we want to protect the environment. This means transforming how we grow our food, power our lives, transport our goods and ourselves, and much more.
The good news is that solutions to climate change already exist. It is simply a matter of investing in them.
First, investing in renewable energy and improving energy efficiency can curb emissions, make energy more ac...

Save the planet

A new generation of investors wants to force businesses to become environmentally-friendly. And it is possible to save the planet and still make money.  Investors are catching up fast with the power of renewables, and as the world gets into gear with regard to climate change, all the smart money is going on clean energy producers.  Am going to buy $NextEra Energy(NEE.US)$ 
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