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Why do I always buy high and sell low?

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Do you feel anxious when you start to trade? Every time you buy the stock, it goes down; and when you sell, it goes up. It seems that luck isn't on your side. You may wonder if you are too weak or unskilled in trade. Is there any way to break the bleak cycle? Trading reviews may help. Let's share the P/L orders and review what happened! Check the reward details.

Trade Review: Buy High and Sell Low

Hi, mooers! Good to see you all in Trade Review!Wow
Thanks for participating in the discussion of "Why do I always buy high and sell low?". Congratulation on completing another investing journey.
We've seen mooers share their positions, profit, or even loss orders. Meanwhile, they also offered helpful insights into their trade. To become a mature trader, we need to learn from the precious experience of ourselves and others.
Let's scroll down and see what our moo...
Trade Review: Buy High and Sell Low
Trade Review: Buy High and Sell Low
Trade Review: Buy High and Sell Low

Apple - Tomorrow’s Play - Time for Calls?!?

Although the market is still overall bearish…there may be a great short call play tomorrow. The last time Apple traded outside lower b band and VWAP, $Apple(AAPL.US)$ had a nice pop.  (see chart) Drool
Apple - Tomorrow’s Play - Time for Calls?!?
Mine was lack of experience and knowledge of the market. I jumped rite in last December buying what was in the Greene and sounded good.
Didn't check to see if these stocks had been rising for a while or what the market was expected to do after first of the year.
then when everything started to slide I panicked.  Then the emotional trading started. Lasted a couple of days until I realized and read in courses about emotional buying. So I stopped everything. I am just sitting with what I have. I ...

An apple a day

$Apple(AAPL.US)$ Volatile and dynamic market. Hopefully tomorrow will be better
An apple a day
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