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Surging 50% back to life: Are Chinese stocks still uninvestable?

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With positive regulatory news on Internet platforms recently, Chinese stocks had their best month in years. $NASDAQ Golden Dragon China(.HXC.US)$ surged 49.8% since the May dip.
Market recap & Investors' views
What do you think?
Do you agree that the worst is over? Still uninvestable or a turning point?  Leave your comment below, and 6 users will win 600 points for each!

Chinese stocks and ADRs: The upside is here

$BABA-SW(09988.HK)$$$ $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$ $PDD Holdings(PDD.US)$ $BIDU-SW(09888.HK)$ 
After more than a year of dark clouds, we are seeing silver linings in the horizon.  The storm generated by the many FUDs have more or less abated.  Relative to US and many other countries, China will be the first to come out of the current depressed economic cycles.  Positive factors includes:
1.  Russian-Ukraine war:  This is causing unprecedented...

China tech stocks are rebounding

China tech stocks have been quietly recovering ever since May 2022, where Vice Premier Liu He said that the regulations were about to end.
The promise was kept as there were no new measures imposed.
Let's look at some China tech stocks recovery.
Meituan $MEITUAN-W(03690.HK)$  is the 6th largest China stock by market cap and it has gained 100% from its low of $103.50.
It did better than the top two China tech companies - Tencent  $TENCENT(00700.HK)$ and Alibab...

shorting up to $60, this has to retrace, way over vwap, top bollinger


Alibaba's Outlook

Alibaba is still consolidating near these two strong technical levels that I have highlighted by the yellow and blue trend lines. BABA's price action has been stagnant at these technical levels for a few weeks. When will this ticker pick a direction? I wish I knew the answer. But when it does pick a direction then I have mapped out all of the important trending and horizontal supports and resistance levels to watch in the chart below.
When Alibaba's price do...
Alibaba's Outlook
Alibaba's Outlook

Hang Seng Technicals

For the record I am long term bullish on Chinese equities for many reasons. But even if you can see new all time highs the market doesn't go straight up all of the time. The Hang Seng has been falling for years basically. Recently the macro environment has sent all markets down the drain. Things are not looking like they will get better any time soon unless inflation persist. There are a few interesting technical situations we may be in.
$Hang Seng Index(800000.HK)$
On the fi...
Hang Seng Technicals
Hang Seng Technicals
Hang Seng Technicals

Tencent Technical Analysis

For the record my very long term outlook for Tencent is very bullish. As you can see above the long term trend is very bullish. But stock cant go straight up all of the time. And with a strong long term trend like this you can expect those long term holders to have a strong profit take. But how long will this strong profit take last? For now nobody knows. So The short term outlook is bearish until Tencent can break above this weekly bearish channel you can see below hig...
Tencent Technical Analysis
Tencent Technical Analysis
Tencent Technical Analysis

Where do u get the confidence?

I'm  not being sarcastic. sincerely ask: where do you get the confidence?Scowl
NOT optimistic about the resumption of work and production in China.
NOT expecting soon recovery of the Chinese Tech Company.

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