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Higher Return vs Equities: 1st APAC Green REITs ETF

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Focusing on sustainability as a profit driver, $UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ places for subscribing on Nov 5. With the increasing pressure on real estate companies in Asia to move to "Green" faster, APAC REIT has a higher return vs Asia Pacific Equities. According to UOBAM, UOB APAC Green REIT ETF has a 24.13% 1-year return vs 15.26% market average, and this fund aims for dividend yield of 4% per annum. Do you have any ideas on investing in REITs or ETFs? Is it worth to subscribe?
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ColumnSingapore REITs may benefit from haven status amid market volatility

Singapore real estate investment trusts can benefit from their safe-haven status during a time of market volatility as the U.S. Fed raises interest rates, analysts from DBS say in a research note.
The Fed's clarity on its rate-rise trajectory will likely lead to more price stability for Singapore REITs, they say.
What are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)?
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Singapore REITs may benefit from haven status amid market volatility
$UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ The index tracks REITs listed in Asia-Pacific with higher dividend yields and positive environmental attributes based on GRESB’s real estate assessment on factors including energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and green building certifications.
GRESB, previously called the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, is an organisation providing standardised ESG (environmental, social and governance) data to financial markets.
The index has 50 constituents, and the ETF will adopt a full replication strategy for investing in those REITs in substantially the same weightings, the prospectus said. But it noted, circumstances could make it impractical for the ETF to invest in all the index constituents in the same weighting, and there could be times when it may not own certain constituents. That could mean it invests in derivatives, such as stock futures contracts. $UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$
$UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ The initial offer price of the Singapore-dollar class units is likely to be at S$1.00 each, the prospectus said.The quarterly dividend distributions will be up to 4 percent of the initial offer price or the net asset value per annum, the statement said, adding distributions can be from both income and capital gains.
$UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ While investors are keen to put their money in quality companies that are sustainable and score highly on ESG metrics, data on the companies' ESG performance can be difficult to discern. UOBAM brings more than three decades of investment expertise in Asia to incorporate ESG factors and considerations into REITS investments and this rigorously constructed index will help investors to invest for both profit and purpose.Looking forward to this index becoming investible for market participants who are increasingly environmentally focused.
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