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BIRD Soars 92%: How to Join the IPO Streak?

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Blow out possible again. This Wednesday, US IPO turned on the market with star company rocketing. Backed by Leonardo DiCaprio, ESG Sneaker maker Allbirds (BIRD) brought the spotlights back by going up 92.6% on its first day, breaking the monthly record for first-day IPO gains. 100% of subscribed moomoo clients are allocated with IPO shares. What's your thought on the US IPO? How to join the IPO winning streak? Is now a good time to step in? Leave your comment below to win.
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$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ Great shoes, risky stock. Wouldnt buy for a while yet.
Most recent fashion float i can remember is Dr Martens which is trading -18% since their January float.
$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$It IPOed at 2B and while their revenue is increasing, they are not scaling nearly to the level they need to be in order to justify a 2B valuation. Could definitely swing up because it is a recognizable name but don’t keep your money in it
$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ No clue on fundamentals, this ain’t no Buffet/Munger play. But I do follow men’s fashion and the Venn diagram of Bay Area dudes with too much money and guys wearing ugly wool sneakers is close to a perfect circle. This one could pop a lot out of the gate on IPO. It’s also worth watching as a future earnings play once trading starts, as I’ll bet Wall St is surprised by how much a fugly show company pulls in.
$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ I'm not going to overthink this one. They always underprice the IPO's before they start trading. That's how they get the initial shares sold to the privileged few who get the shares before the rest of us. So, the original $15 share price is artificially low and is not a realistic valuation.
So we have a super-cool company backed by a super-cool Hollywood elite actor (Leo DeCaprio) and others... The IPO is based on the measly revenues they have reported as a private company. My guess is the IPO will create some buzz around the company, and then they will make some high profile partnership deals that will get everyone excited.
I don't think profits matter anymore the way everyone seems to be investing in companies that don't earn any money and won't for years, if ever... They don't seem to care. All that matters is revenue growth. So coming off the small numbers they had as a private company and with the hollywood elite being very happy with them, it seems like they will put up the necessary revenue growth to propel the stock upward. There's not that many shares out, so it wouldn't take much to move this one up.
With no real idea what they will do for revenues or profit, it's a play on how cool the company is. I like anything that's a notch above the cheap crap that other companies are putting out. The footwear business for the most part is like putting Kraft Mac & Cheese shoes on your feet...the cheapest, crappiest ingredients you can use and still call them shoes... Allbirds is going the other direction, controlling a quality supply chain and taking care of what goes into them. It's like they are the Beyond Meat of the shoe business, I guess....something better for you maybe is the goal...
So, I picked up a few shares and if it drops, I will grab a few more and see what happens... This one is more of a gut feeling, not the value based opinions I often rely on. I put it in with my Dutch Bros IPO call....
$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ The pop in share is not good. Hopefully corrects. That said, if you have 4 - 5 yrs horizon; this will really do well. Am in as I only buy their shoes now; dont mind paying the premium. So much better than $Nike(NKE.US)$ ; long $Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ .
I'm really really really really really really really really really really really really really keen to know, how to actually spot it.

What to Know About the BIRD Stock IPO

$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ initially priced its shares between $12 and $14.
However, yesterday the company announced it had raised its IPO price to $15 per share.
At nearly $30 per share at the time of writing, BIRD stock has certainly had quite the opening day.
The company sold more than 20 million shares at the $15 level, raising $303 million in aggregate proceeds.
Investors appear to like the tech-related exposure this retail stock has.
The company’s valuation at $15 per share was roughly 9-times sales based on the previous quarter.
This valuation has gotten a big boost today, with investors seemingly thinking the company undervalued itself.
$Allbirds(BIRD.US)$ Earlier this year, data was released that indicated that 66% of global consumers have indicated that they would be willing to pay more for sustainably produced goods. That’s excellent news for companies like Allbirds. Sustainability is overtaking the fashion world as even companies like $HENNS & MRTZ ADR(HNNMY.US)$ prioritize it in their operations. Allbirds is well positioned to continue revolutionizing footwear. Anyone looking for a bullish play on fashion should be watching it closely.
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