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How to deposit via bank transfer

You can deposit money into your Moomoo AU account via bank transfer. 

For individual accounts, please transfer from your personal bank account. For entity accounts, please use a bank account under the name of the account holder for transfers. Transfers from third-party accounts and E-wallets and international transfers are not accepted.


Start your transfer

1. Open moomoo and tap [Accounts] - [More] -  [Deposit].

2. Copy the bank account information and paste to your Banking app/website to initiate a bank transfer.


Supported currencies for deposits

Only AUD deposit is supported.

Notes: US stocks are settled in USD only. You may convert AUD into USD via the "Currency Exchange"  function in the app after deposit.


Important notice

Please do not share the beneficiary account provided to you to others as each client is associated with a unique beneficiary account. Transferring money to a wrong beneficiary account will lead to your deposit being delayed or returned to the bank.



We do not charge any fee regarding your deposits, but there may be bank charges. For details about the charging standard, please consult your bank. 


Arrival time

Normally, it takes 1-3 business days for the funds to appear in your Moomoo AU account.

Notes: Banks may not process transfer requests during public holidays, please reserve enough time in case of affecting your investment arrangements.


Transfer returned

● Bank transfers not meeting the relevant requirements will be returned.

● Normally, it takes 5-10 business days for the returned funds to appear in your bank account, but the actual processing time may vary depending on the bank.

● The handling fees incurred for a transfer returned shall be borne by the client solely.